niedziela, 20 stycznia 2008

Nothing Says I Care Like a Mass Produced Bumper Sticker

I mean, how would we show that we are good people without them?

They certainly seem well matched.

Tautologically true.

Nothing I can say could possible make this one better

I’ve had a few of those.

She also said she was 14 and at no time did she reveal she was with the FBI.

Unfortunately, you are the only one.

Better living through chemistry.

Or just take a pill.

Surprisingly, it actually is. And Jesus’ middle name? Fucking.

I get the feeling this wasn’t glued on by the owner of the car.

It couldn’t possibly be.

So many things to say, so little car.

Glad you warned me.

Totally getting one of these for my car.

That happened to me once.

What the hell, let’s be generous and go for a Senator.

That seems like a sound approach.

Finally a ticket I can get behind.

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